Mr. and Mrs. Winterton

We are officially married...and we have been for 1 month and 10 days. Taking long breaks from blogging is bad news; so much pressure to post everything since the last post.

I can't do it so here is a bulleted summary:

-Lake Tahoe for a family reunion

-Napa Valley for a work retreat

-My sister, Brooke came to town with her friend Rachel

-Marathon weekend in Utah for showers galore and a fun bachelorette night in Park City with my best friends

-Back to San Francisco to move into the new apartment

-3 day backpacking trip to the (I can't remember where we were)

-Down to Newport Beach for OUR wedding and all the festivities that go along with it

-A perfect Maui honeymoon (horseback riding, lounging, delicious food, long walks, beach, pool, and total relaxation

-A drive up California with all our gifts and treats in a Budget 10 foot truck

-My man moved in

-Numerous Target, Trader Joes, Costco, Bed, Bath, and Beyond trips

-Landon came to town for the concert of the year (Bridge School)

-Settling into life as Mr. and Mrs.

PHEW, what a ride. The highlight: the wedding, of course. It really was a perfect day for Jim and me. I wish we could go back and do it again and again. I am anxiously awaiting the pictures and will post when I get them. Hopefully, that will be any day now! A little preview for you...


Jamie Winterton


I've really been lagging on my blog here. Things have been the busiest since the engagement. We've been to Newport twice. Once, we were supposed to meet up with my family and then head to Hawaii but after two flights going out full (without us on them) we stuck around and started the wedding plans. Such is life when you are the daughter of a retired pilot, always flying standby. What good is a free flight when you're not on it?
Two weeks later, went back with my two roommates, Ashlee and Amy, for the 4th of July weekend. We went to Les Miserable at the Ahmenson Theater in LA and it was amazing. I will never get sick of that play or those songs. The production was wonderful and the voices were top notch. Jean Val Jean stole the show with his Bring Him Home solo. People clapped in the middle of the scene for minutes. We enjoyed perfect summer weather at the pool and the beach, ate perfect watermelon, and enjoyed perfect company all weekend long. (Cami sure was missed though)

With a hundred email chains, a combined to do list pages long, and phone calls to our moms daily, it has been busy busy times for the future Wintertons. We are so excited and September couldn't come soon enough but it sure does take a lot of time and effort to plan the big day!


I am SO excited to be Mrs. James Winterton on September 17, 2011!

Paris Je t'aime

Hows about this? Think I can win? Have a look at this website

Help Me Get Hitched

Let wedding season begin! I started working with Help Me Get Hitched, a wedding coordinating company, a few months ago. Casey and Courtney (the two sisters in the middle) started this company in October of 2010. It took off quickly so they brought on some extra help, Anna (on the left) and me. HMGH is a wedding coordinating company that does everything from shower planning to day of planning to full wedding planning. I have really enjoyed working with them so far and am looking forward to all the weddings coming up this summer and fall!

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My Next Purchase

I think I need these flats from Zara.

Memorial Day!

While sitting at work on Friday, I decided to go south and recruited Jimmy to join me. We packed up and head out in the afternoon. After about 8 hours of singing Queen and Miley Cyrus, we arrived in San Diego where we joined the Wagners and my parents at the La Costa Resort.

After enjoying the waterslides and playing pool games, Boden and explored in the bushes...

We ate at L'Auberge restaurant in Del Mar...

We enjoyed playing croquette and listening to our new friend play the guitar...

We enjoyed Crystal Cove Beach where we played smashball and bocci ball....

And, we ate at the Beachcomber Cafe...

Our perfect weekend had to come to an end but we stayed until the last possible minute and arrived back in rainy San Francisco by midnight.